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AirRelax LGT- 2201DVT is a special pressotherapy system with gradient pressure that is de signed to decrease the risk of DVT (Deep Venous Thrombosis) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE) before, during and after surgery.

1/ Professional overlapping DVT sleeve
2/ 4 Compression modes
3/ Gradient Pressure
4/ Real-time pressure monitoring
5/ Bedside/backside hook
6/ Flexible Treatment Time
7/ Automatic Memory for Last Setting
8/ Screen Lock Function

1. Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) is the formation of a blood clot (thrombus)in a deep vein.  When the blood is broke  off and transferred to lung by blood circulation, a Pulmonary  Embolism (PE) will occur. Pulmonary Embolism  is very  dangerous because it can damage lung  and other organs and may cause death.

2. AirRelax LGT-2201DVT is intended for the treatment, rehabilitation and functional recovery of the following common applications:

Prophylaxis of Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)


Compression Mode4
Time Range1min — 99hours or continuous
Pressure Range30 — 150mmHg
Hold Time2s (default)
Interval Time10s (default)
Interface2.2’’ OLED Screen
Rechargeable batteryYes (Lithium battery: 6500mAh)
Automatic MemoryYes
Weight2.3 KG


 Transparent connection hose (Double head hose) 1 pc
 Adapter 2.5m (Power cord included) 1 pc


1-chamber thigh sleeve (reusable)1 pc
 2-chamber calf sleeve (reusable)1 pc
 1-chamber foot sleeve (reusable)1 pc
 Disposable thigh sleeve (S)1 pc
 Disposable thigh sleeve (M)1 pc
 Disposable thigh sleeve (L)1 pc
 Disposable calf sleeve (S)1 pc
 Disposable calf sleeve(M)1 pc
 Disposable calf sleeve(L)1 pc
 Disposable foot sleeve (S)1 pc
 Disposable foot sleeve (M)1 pc
 Disposable foot sleeve (L)1 pc
 Rechargeable battery (6500mAh)1 pc
 Adapter 3.5m (Power cord included) 1 pc

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