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AM-I Handheld Patient Monitor


Five parameters: ECG, NIBP, SPO2, PR, TEMP.

Waveform: ECG and SPO2 waveforms.

Touch screen, 5.0-inch color TFT-LCD, simple for operating, quickly and accurately measure the data;

Build-in rechargeable Li-battery, up to 15 hours running time, support AC and DC power;

Adjustable audible and visual alarms, and sensor off alarm;

Long time monitoring and sleeping monitoring;

Easy to carry, suitable for ambulance center, has the stand for fixing;

ETCO2, FiCO2 and RR (respiration rate) are optional.


Storage and review data up to 3888 groups via Trend Graph and Trend List.

USB connects to computer

Bluetooth connects to android software

Big font screen interface is easy to observe;

Back light can be adjusted;

Free advanced software is all standard on free (Bluetooth software; VSDV software for download the storage data; Guardian software for transmitting the real-time data and storage all data and waveform; Health aids software for Android mobile)

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General Specifications

Size: 209mm×104mm×47.5mm

Net Weight: 655g

Display Specification

Measurement Display: color TFT- LCD/touch screen

Power Supply Indicator: Dual-color LED (red/green)

Charging indicator: A green LED

Power Supply

Input: 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.7A

Output: DC 5V, 1.5A

Li-ion rechargeable battery, 3.7V/7200mAH

Operating Time: 15 hours with full battery capacity (Condition: 25℃, NIBP working period is 15 minutes)

Recharge Time: 10 hours.


Working temperature:0℃~45℃

Transport and Storage temperature: -25℃~85℃

Working humidity: 30%~85 %

Transport and Storage humidity: 30%~95 % (no condensation)


Input: 5- lead ECG cable, standard AAMI cable connector

Lead Selection: I, II, III, avR, avL, avF, C

Gain Selection: ×1, ×2, ×4, ×8

Sweep Speed: 12.5, 25, and 50 mm/s

Frequency Response: None filter: 0.05~100Hz (-3dB), filter: 0.5~40Hz (-3dB)

Calibration Signal: 1mV square wave

Protection: Against electrosurgical interference and defibrillation

Heart Rate

Measuring Range: 20 bpm~300 bpm

Renew Time: 1 time per beat

Accuracy: ±1 bpm

Alarm Mode: Audible and visual alarm


Measuring Range:0%~100%

Resolution:1 %

Accuracy: ±2 % (90%~99%), ±3 % (70%~89%), unspecified (0%~69%)

Pulse Rate

Measuring and Alarm Range: 20~300bpm

Resolution: 1bpm

Accuracy: ±1bpm


Method: Oscillometric

Mode: Manual, Auto, STAT

Measuring Interval in AUTO Mode: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 (min)

Measuring Period in STAT Mode: 5 min

Cuff Pressure Range:0~300mmHg

Pulse Rate Range:30~250bpm

Measurement Rage: Adult 30~255mmHg, Pediatric 30~160mmHg

Over-pressure Protection: Adult 300mmHg, Pediatric 220mmHg

Pressure Resolution: 1mmHg

The SYSTOLIC and DIASTOLIC values measured using this device shall be equal to those measured by trained medical personnel using cuff and stethoscope. The MEAN value measured using this device is equal to that measured using blood pressure measurement device.


Input: Body surface thermal-sensitive resistor temperature sensor

Measuring Range: 0℃~50℃

Accuracy: ±0.1℃

Storage and Review

Maximum Data Quantity: 3888 groups

Maximum Trend Time: Continuous 129.6 hours

EtCO2 (optional)

Measuring Range: 0~150mmHg

Resolution: 1 mmHg

Accuracy: ±2mmHg@< 5.0% CO2

Respiration Rate (optional)

Measuring Range: 0~120rpm

Resolution: 1rpm

Accuracy: ±1rpm

Color palm patient monitor main unit       1 pc

5-lead ECG cable (include surface TEMP probe)   1 pc

Adult finger SpO2 sensor   1 pc

Adult NIBP cuff    1 pc

NIBP extension tube   1 pc

USB cable    1 pc

AC power adapter       1 pc

The operator’s manual       1 pc

Pediatric NIBP cuff

Pediatric finger Spo2 sensor

Neonatal wrap SpO2 sensor

EtCO2 module(optional)    1 pc

Drying tube(optional)  2 pcs

Sampling tube(optional)     1 pc

Nasal tube(optional)   1 pc

3-way elbow(optional) 1 pc

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