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Commercial Altitude Chamber Training Systems

At Hypoxico Altitude Training, everything we do is focused on the goals of our clients. With our fully customized, state of the art commercial systems, we are able to accommodate any situation, regardless of the spacing or budgetary circumstances. We are capable of constructing custom modular altitude chambers or take existing spaces and convert them to simulated altitude environments. We work with many of the top brands, training centers, and research institutions in the world, creating custom altitude solutions to meet any demand

With our commercial K2 high flow systems, Hypoxico has developed a line of the most powerful and intelligent hypoxic technology on the market – capable of providing up to 20,000 liters per minute of hypoxic or hyperoxic air. These systems are American made and capable of being shipped and installed anywhere in the world.

All users benefit from precise environmental tuning, and our ability to manipulate altitude, temperature, and humidity independently

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Of course, Hypoxico is known for our world-class altitude training systems. As such, most of our commercial systems are appropriately designed to convert low-elevation spaces into simulated high-altitude environments. That said, we are equally skilled and experienced installing systems which create hyperoxic (oxygen-rich) environments. Typically these systems are installed at high-altitude locations in order to bring users down in elevation. In some cases, these installations are used for athletes – allowing for maximum high-intensity training – but more often simply to reduce the stress and side effects of living at actual altitude.

Hypoxico has the capability and experience to take a mountain home or luxury hotel room and bring it all the way down to sea-level while complying with all building and safety codes. As a result, many hotels in mountain or ski destinations have been able to maintain the business of aging clientele who often feel the effects of altitude sickness most severely.

In addition, we can combine both hypoxic and hyperoxic technology in a single system while also controlling environmental variables. In other words, these systems allow users to not only go up or down in altitude but also control for temperature and humidity.

When the United States Olympic Committee was deciding how to best prepare their athletes for the Rio Olympic Games in 2016, they reached out to us for help. In 2014, we installed a state of the art environmental controlled chamber to fit their rigorous specifications in order best prepare the US Olympic Team to achieve success.

The US Olympic Training Center (USOC) is unique in that it resides in Colorado Springs, CO at an elevation of about 6,000′. Of course, the Rio Olympic games were taking place in a humid, equatorial sea level environment. Because of this, in the lead up to Rio 2016, the chamber was most often used to go down in altitude while the temperature and humidity were dialed up from the dry, cool conditions typical of Colorado. In this way, the USOC could have athletes train in the exact conditions they anticipated competing in while in Rio. Their team of scientists could also gauge how each athlete responded to the conditions and adjust pacing, nutrition, and equipment accordingly.

With the resources provided to the athletes, including Hypoxico’s enviro-chamber, it’s no surprise that the US Olympic team were able to earn the most medals in Rio – nearly doubling the medal count of our closest competitor. No doubt the chamber will be used extensively for many games to come


Team USA Marathon racer Desiree Linden runs on a treadmill in the High Altitude Training Center at the Olympic Training Center simulating sea level at 90 degrees with 73% relative humidity May 25, 2016. (Photo by Jason Connolly – Getty images

In 2016, Hypoxico also partnered with legendary mountain bike champion Rebecca Rusch as she prepared for a grueling project – mountain biking Africa’s highest peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro. In addition to sleeping in one of our tents, Rebecca also used the USOC altitude chamber in her preparation. Check out the video below to see her strategy and mindset going into the project

  • 500-20,000 liters per minute airflow (compared to 125 lpm of the Everest Summit II Generator).
  • Digitally adjustable altitude/oxygen control system (from 20.9%-9% with .1% resolution).
  • Choice of internal or external digital altitude monitoring system.
  • Hyperoxic output (O2 supplementation above 20.9%) available upon request.
  • Optional “placebo switch” providing normal oxygen percentage for controlled trials and research.
  • Removal of hydrocarbons, odors and 99.9% of airborne contaminants.
  • All units are supplied in secure, lockable steel cabinets facilitating easy maintenance and servicing while keeping all safety critical controls away from unauthorized personnel

US Olympic Committee
University of Denver
University of Utah
University of Colorado
Northern Michigan University
Evolution Health Care – Portland, OR
Cerulean Advanced Fitness & Wellness – Scottsdale, AZ
Wright Patterson Air Force Base – Dayton, OH
Many, many more!

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