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Thanks to continuous feedback from thousands of avid cryotherapy clients and qualified cryotherapy operators we are able to offer a cryo machine with great confidence in the safety, reliability & quality of session

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The CRYO XC™ is known by many as the most versatile whole body cryotherapy chamber thanks to its’ unique pivoting cabin doors and ease of installation that allows vast flexibility for those considering starting a new cryotherapy center. Installation and operation of the CRYO XC™ is very straightforward and that is why the CRYO XC™ is often installed as a mobile cryo chamber, which offers a range of opportunities for many. Thanks to this, the CRYO XC™ has been installed in many otherwise inaccessible locations.

When compared to other cryotherapy machines on offer, the technical advantages of the cryo chamber CRYO XC™ include balanced distribution of cool air inside the cryocabin, while offering maximum safety for clients in the form of a number of essential safety features, efficiency of the vapor mechanism, and a perfectly dry feeling during sessions. The CRYO XC™ is based on a liquid nitrogen system which has undisputable economic advantages and practical results over other forms of whole body cryotherapy and has become the preferred system within WBC.

  • Semi-Automated Nitrogen Flow
  • Up to 15 clients per hour
  • 4 – 7 liters per session
  • -120ºC to -180 ºC / -180ºF to -300ºF
  • 21.5” Touch-Screen
  • 15” Multimedia Screen
  • Remote Wi-Fi Control
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Built-In LED Control

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