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Reamedix / Products / Intensive Care Unit / Defibrillator / DEF-8000A Defibrillator

DEF-8000A Defibrillator

Technical Specifications

Non-synchronizer         External defibrillator

Sine wave                     Biphasic technology

Energy                           0,3,5,7,10,20,30,50,100,200,300,360 Joule

                                      (Nominal at a resistance of 50)

Charging time                at 360J less than 10 sec

Paddle                           Reusable external adult paddles

                                       (Pediatric paddles integrated)

Power Supply                Operates from the mains (AC) and battery


Charge 3.5h to full; full charge to 35 shocks (360 Joule)

Sealed rechargeable 12 volt NIMH battery

Power Requirements

AC Power supply               110V, 60 Hz /220V, 50 Hz

Vehicle Voltage                  DC 12V

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