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Dry Carbo dioxide bath device CARBObed

Modern device for dry baths in CO2, fully automated treatment; effective and fast sealing of treatment chamber, automated refilling of CO2 and circulation of gas inside treatment chamber, automated humidification of CO2, gas temperature adjustment from 30°C to 40°C; mobile bed construction, regulated position of head support.

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  • treatments are possible without undressing the patient
  • much lower gas usage
  • shortening of treatment preparation time (no filling and emptying of the bathtube)
  • easier installation (no water supply installation is needed)
  • more effective therapy for chosen applications
  • fully automated treatment
  • effective and fast sealing of treatment chamber
  • automated refilling of CO2 and circulation of gas inside treatment chamber allows stable and high gas concentration in treatment area.
  • automated humidation of CO2 increases efficiency of treatment since the start
  • gas temperature may be regulated from 30°C to 40°C (+/- 1°)
  • sound signal after end pf treatment
  • controlled piping away of CO2 after end of treatment
  • usage of CO2: 18l / min. average
  • mobile bed construction
  • regulated position of head support
  • dimensions (longitude x width x height) 2150 x 700 x 980 mm
  • height of laying level: 590mm
  • power supply 230V/50Hz 800VA
  • rheumatic diseases
  • circulatory system illnesses
  • circulation disturbances of peripheral arterial vessels
  • burns and frostbites
  • hypo- and hypertonia
  • ulceration of shank
  • gangrene: diabetic, arteriosclerotic, angiospastic

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