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An electrostimulator designed for sport and fitness, but with special attention to beauty treatments, thanks to the new sequential stimulation currents, which have great draining effects.
Elite 150: all you need to take care of your body

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12 — Sport
6 — Fitness
14 — Beauty
12 — TENS & Pain
3 — Rehab
“3S” (Serial Sequential Stimulation)

Last 10

After switching the appliance on, select “Last 10 Sessions”, it refers to a specific user in every device equipped with memory feature.

Synchro Stim

Syncro Stim lets you set the stimulation intensity on the four channels at the same time with only one button. Very useful for advanced users because it let start the stimulation in a very short time.

Men/Woman Treatments

This device is the right answer for both the female and male body requirements.



My Trainer

visualizza tutte le immagini del posizionamento elettrodi direttamente sul display.



Multi user

It identifies the different users and differentiate between their “Last 10”, “Preferred Programs” and “AutoStim” sessions. Perfect for team players or clients of a physiotherapy center.




A real revolution in medical and physiotherapic fields as it permits to stimulate the muscles involved in a sequential manner. In this way the natural movement is repeated thanks to the activation in differentiated times of the muscular groups involved.







Square Wave

To stimulate a muscle, it is necessary to apply a current capable of causing depolarization of cell membrane and its consequent contraction, by way of electrodes. Research has demonstrated that stimulation is more effective and comfortable when current pulses are square and symmetric. A square-shaped wave is better because: — it releases the action potential of the muscle in a shorter period of time (vertical rump-up) — it optimizes pulse effectiveness thanks to the larger area (more intensity in less time) of the square wave as opposed to other wave shapes. In addition, the current must also be compensated (symmetric pulse shape) to avoid the polarization effects (ionophoretic) of electrical or chemical nature. Indeed, this current type takes on symmetrically-opposed positive and negative values whose result equals to zero, thus avoiding skin burn or rash.

Price range: Medium
Channels: 4
Types of current: EMS, TENS
Special Features: 3S
Impulse amplitude: 40 – 450 µs
Frequency: 1-150 Hz
Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
Display: Backlit
Compliance: Conforms to Directive 93/42 / EEC

1 Carrying case
1 Elite 150 Stimulator
4 Cables for electrode connection
4 self-adhesive square electrodes
4 self-adhesive rectangular electrodes
1 Charger
1 Operating manual

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