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Traçion-u® ET800 is the result of thousands of feedbacks from tens of thousands of physiotherapists over the past decade. The Retro look of Traç Pod® is also one of the many features that physiotherapists requested to retain for good. Instead of a touch screen LCD panel and working thru complicated windows behind windows, physiotherapists recommended the easy-to-adjust “HOLD” and “REST” knobs as they have been proven to be one of the fastest and effective way of adjustment of traction force during treatment. The “HOLD” and “REST” TIME can be adjusted in real-time as well as the FORCE. Once set, press START and the new setting will take effect in the next coming cycle. The unit is equipped with a “Patient Switch” for Full Control of an Emergency Situation, all at the hands of a patient. The Traçion-u® ET800 works best on Traçion® EU300 however it also can be fitted on tables of other make

For Cervical Traction Treatment, CT850 is available as an optional add-on part. To enable this function, a switch behind the unit can be located to switch between (1) Lumbar Traction and (2) Cervical Traction. Weight reading of kgs and lbs can also be switched via a switch behind the unit. With the ET800, CT850 and EU300, you have the ultimate traction system in your home, clinic, hospital or rehab center.

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Traction force The maximum traction force is 200 lb. (approximately 91kg)±4 lb (2kg)
Traction force compensation Computerized automatic compensation
Force display Actual force / preset force – automatic switching display
Traction speed Stepless, continuous and adjustable
Continuous traction/ release time 00-99 seconds, by static traction force “—” selection.
Therapy mode Intermittent / Static / Harmonic
Treatment time 1-99 minutes ±2%
Safety system Multiple protection alarms
Power supply 110~120VAC (60Hz), 220~240VAC (50Hz)
Current 1.2A (110~120VAC) 0.6A(220~240VAC)
Power consumption 150Watts max.
Allowable voltage uctuation Max±10%
Mains fuses F2.0A 250V (110~120VAC), F1.0A 250V (220~240VAC)
Casing leakage of electricity < 100?A
Ground resistance < 0.1?
Electric safety degree Class I / Type BF (EN IEC 60601-1)
EMC tested EN IEC 60601-1-2
Classi cation of equipment Class IIa (MDD 93/42/EEC Annex IX) Class II (FDA, ITH, 890.5900)
CE Marking CE0434
FDA 510k K112074
Weight 25.1 lb. (11.4kg)
Dimensions 31(L) x 28(W) x 26(H) cm

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