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Fisiotek 3000N for Knee

Fisiotek 3000 N model uses flexion-extension movement to allow mobilisation of the knee and hip. The movement of the device is based on the correct adjustment of the length of the patient’s femur, which is necessary for the positioning of the limb. The device is light-weight, only 9.5 kg, to ensure the greatest manoeuvrability during use. Limbs with a length relative to the patient’s femur from 32 cm to 49 cm can be rehabilitated.

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Power supply: 85 ÷ 260V ~ 50 ÷ 60 Hz

Electrical safety: Class I B Standard EN 60601-1
Electromagnetic compatibility: Group 1 Class B Standard EN 60601-1-2
Classification according to Dir. EEC 93/42: Class IIa
Weight: Kg. 9,5

Flexion-extension knee movement range from -10° to 120°
Hip movement range from 7° to 115°
Flexion speed
Extension speed
Working time
Automatic flexion angle increase
Automatic extension angle increase
Pause flexion
Pause extension
Warm-up (special console button)
Limit automatic flexion increase
Limit automatic extension increase
Repetitions to extension limit
Repetitions to flexion limit

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