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iSen — inertial motion capture

Meet STT’s solution for inertial motion capture. The package includes all necessary hardware and software items to perform your analyses swiftly. iSen can also acquire and synchronize data from different devices, and offers a range of utilities for signal processing, event detection, reporting and more. A full biomechanics lab the size of a backpack!

iSen offers an entire toolset for biomechanical analysis, biofeedback and reporting. Motion analysis was never that easy… and that fast!


iSen communicates with the sensors via WiFi

Use no more than the right amount of sensors: 1 to 16

Sensor data samples are time-stamped

UP TO 400Hz
Selectable sampling rate, from 25 to 400Hz

Send or receive data from third-party devices

Easily include reference footage

Pitch/roll below 0.5°, heading below 2°

Templates available for quick generation

Available on IWS, and soon-to-be supported on iSen

Share it

System setup

The whole system fits easily in a backpack and involves very little hardware:


The communication between sensors and router is always wireless. On the other hand, the communication between laptop and router can be either wireless (A) or via Ethernet connection (B).

Operation workflow


Choose your analysis

The ‘Protocol wizard’ will guide you through the selection and configuration


Place the sensors

Fix them on the body landmarks sing the accessories provided



Initiate the capture, calibrate the subject and watch in real time


Review and conclude

Easily go through the recording, generate a report or export data






Register patient/athlete data and incorporate as many recordings as needed. Export/import 3GC files. Search for past files.

Real-time visualization

Body motion is displayed based on the IMU data from the segments being tracked.

Customizable bio-feedback module

Getting immediate feedback on the subject’s motion can be very useful in rehabilitation. iSen allows the user to generate conditions based on biomechanical measurements, and whenever these conditions are met the application will show a visual sign, will emit a sound or (in an upcoming version) will generate an ‘event’. They can be set as simple individual rules or as a combination of two or more rules resulting in complex conditions.

Automatic events and user-defined events

Some of the protocols involve automated detection of events (such as the heel strike or toe-off instants during walk). Besides, the user can create, edit and delete events at any time.

Export data

Output data can be generated in several formats: Raw individual IMU data (ASCII, suitable for processing in Matlab, etc), biomechanical curves as CSV, video files

Individual IMU monitoring

Watch each sensor’s 3D motion and monitor raw data as numerics or graphs over time – including raw Accel-Magnet-Gyro data per axis, Euler angles, Absolute rotation, battery life, sensor temperature, pressure.

Reports with customizable templates

Standard report templates are available as DOCX files, and the user can edit them both as template and as generated report.


STT-IWS: Where it all starts

The STT-IWS is a small, compact IMU that includes a triple-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer, as well a barometric pressure sensor, humidity sensor and temperature sensor.

An on-board AHRS sensor fusion algorithm combines inertial and magnetic readings to provide a drift-free measurement of orientation relative to Earth. Each device is individually calibrated using robotic equipment to achieve the highest accuracy.

For a full list of specs, please check the detailed STT-IWS page.

iSen can efficiently interface with different devices. Such integrations usually involve two key aspects: the synchronization of the signals and the data transfer. The actual implementation depends on the specifics manufacturer and model. We’ve been able to integrate all devices we have come across with, so don’t hesitate to Contact to enquire about your current or desired setup.



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