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MAGNETO 4 — Plus Line

The Magnet Therapy equipment called MAGNETO 4 allows to control all four output channels independently. For specific uses, more channels can be enabled sequentially at the operator’s discretion. A SYNC configuration is also available that allows to enable all four channels simultaneously.

A harmful event like a trauma, can cause a depolarisation of protein structures and reduce the trans-membranous electric potential of the cell. The micro-currents induced by the magnetic therapy repolarise the biopolymers, re-establishing the correct electric potential, accelerating ionic movement, and re-integrating tissue functions. All control functions and the whole operational lay out of the unit are controlled and co-ordinated by a microprocessor: this allows access to the stored application programs, and ensures optimal and safe use of the equipment as decided by the operator. The user interface is a large, backlit, clear liquid crystal graphic display (LCD): the display shows all operational messages, the state of the unit during normal therapeutic operation, and any error messages.


On the basis of clinical studies, it is possible to affirms that the biological action of the magnetic fields is:

Anti inflammatory and anti edemigena
Analgesic action
Stimulating action for tissue reparation
Combinations of such actions


1 Power supply cable
1 User’s manual
2 Spare fuses
1 Ring magnet
1 Smart Card

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Power supply:230 Vac, 50-60 Hz
Power supply:115 Vac, 50-60 Hz (on request)
Maximum Absorbed power:900 VA
LCD display:w/b 320 x 240 pixel
Programmable treatment time:up to 60 minutes
Duty Cycle adjustable:(10÷100) %
Programmable treatment frequency:(1÷100) Hz
Electrical insulation class EN 60601-1 standard:I / BF
Device class 93/42/CEE directive:II A
Degree of protection against the input of liquids UNI EN 60601-1:IPX0
Maximum induction:100 Gauss ± 20%
Output channels:4, independent
Stored protocols: 50
Storable protocols in the smart-card:200
Storable protocols in the user memory:200
Dimensions:39 x 13 x 32 cm
Weight:3.9 Kg

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