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Mi-Pulse Pro MA1022

  • Choose from 5 types of comfortable and lightweight pulsed electromagnetic applicators
  • Modern therapy with proven effects on pain and anti-inflammatory control and acceleration of healing
  • 45 Pre-programmed for different therapy
  • User-defined programs
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  • The Basic Parameters
  • 3 channels
  • Waveform Type
  • Sine wave
  • Mode Selection
  • CC (Constant Current) or CV (Constant Voltage)
  • Pulse width
  • 5~150 Gauss
  • Pulse rate 1~120Hz
    Power supply
  • 100V-240V, 47Hz-63Hz,45W
  • Adapter output 15V, 3.0A max
    Dimension 250x185x82mm (LxWxH)

Standard Accessories

ACC050B002Adapter 100-240V 47-63Hz
ACC010B301Power cable
MA1022B100User manual
AC5042.200Magnetic disc
ACC020B800Magnetic belt

Optional Accessories

Magnetic cushion
Magnetic pad


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