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MICRORADAR PULS is a medical device that emits microwave-therapy treatments, with the auxilium of antennas for the emission of the treatment in continuous and pulsed operating modes.

Medical use of microwaves is mainly based on the fact that the microwaves are selectively absorbed by tissues with high water content. They can therefore heat certain selective areas such as muscles for example, while the penetration and absorption at bone level is minimal. Once electromagnetic waves come in contact with organic tissue, they transform most of their radiating energy into heat (caloric energy) with different degrees of penetration mainly limited to muscular and peri-articular tissues (skin and subcutaneous, tendons, sheaths, muscle bands, synovia).

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Normal applications of heat treatment (including short-wave therapy) are generally used to treat the following conditions:

-Reduction of pain
-Improvement in collagen extendibility
-Reduction in articular rigidity
-Reduction of oedema and inflammatory exudates
-Increase in blood flow


1 Power cable
1 Manual
2 Fuses
1 Pantograph arm
1 High frequency output cable
1 Circular antenna
1 Smart Card

Personal Smart Card

10-pack to programme the patients’ rehabilitation protocol, so as to facilitate and expedite the times of machine use.


Long-field antenna, 47 x 12 x 7h cm


Wrap-around field antenna, 50 x 20 x 18h cm

Power supply: 230 Vac 50-60 Hz
Power supply (upon request):  115 Vac 50-60 Hz
Maximum mains power absorption: 600 VA
Backlit LCD: graphics 320 x 240 pixels
Programmable treatment time: up to 30 minutes
Emission frequency: 2450 MHz
Device class 93/42/CEE directive: II B
Electrical insulation UNI EN 60601-1 standard: I / BF
Degree of protection by the liquid access UNI EN 60601-1 standard: IPX0
Operation continuous: 100%
Operation pulsed: 10% ÷ 90%
Continuous power peak: 250 W
Pulsed power peak: 1600 W
Stored protocols:100
Storable protocols in the user memory: 200
Storable protocols in the smart-card: 200
Dimensions with arm and antenna not mounted: 39 x 112 x 43 cm
Dimensions with arm and antenna mounted: 65 x 177 x 43 c

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