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PNOE — Portable Cardio Metabolic Analyzer

From professional teams to local gyms and corporate wellness programs, PNOĒ offers the gold standard in exercise and diet prescription as well as cardiovascular health assessment.

PNOÊ utilizes the gold standard method for cardio-metabolic measurements. PNOÊ’s low cost, portability and scientifically validated accuracy is a result of our proprietary and patented hardware design and software enabled sensing technology. PNOÊ’s technology is covered by several patents and has been scientifically validated by accredited research groups

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How it works

Metabolic analysis is finally simple

Do at 10-minute metabolic test

Use our software to analyze data from PNOĒ and any other device

Get diet and exercise program & 1-1 consulting from our experts

PNOĒ’s innovative hardware design and sensing technology are major strides in cardio-metabolic analysis and enable a series of advantages which have turned a cumbersome and impractical assessment into a routine evaluation for hundreds of gyms around the world.

1. Automatically calibrated flow sensor which doesn’t require the cumbersome 3-liter syringe calibration process.

2. Flow sensing technology that delivers superior accuracy in high breathing frequencies thanks to its built-in automatic temperature compensation capability (i.e. ability to compensate for temperature changes on an intra breath basis). Such functionality is not supported by traditional turbine flow sensors (i.e. usually assume a constant temperature of 34o C) which thus usually underestimate flow volume at high breathing frequencies when temperature of exhaled breath drops. Check out a scientific publication describing this phenomenon.

3. Real time transmission and monitoring of cardio-metabolic data from multiple locations anywhere around the world.


Technical Specifications

PNOE device (main unit)
Dimensions 72mm (W) x 78mm (D) x 108mm (H)
Weight 410g

PNOE device (flow sensor unit)
Dimensions 93mm (W) x 48mm (D) x 45mm (H)
Weight 110g

Flow Sensor
Sensing method MEMS Mass Air Flow Meter
Range ±500 L/min
Accuracy for flow range > 12.5% of full scale: ±1% of measured value
for flow range < 12.5% of full scale: ± 1.25 L/min
Resolution 0.015 L/min
Response time < 45 ms (from 50 to 450 L/min)

Oxygen Sensor
Sensing method Electrochemical O2 sensor
Range 1 — 100% O2
Accuracy < 1% of measured value
Resolution 0.1%
Response time < 130 ms (10–90% OS step change)

Carbon Dioxide Sensor
Sensing method Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) absorption CO2 sensor
Range 0 — 20% CO2
Accuracy ±70 ppm +/- 5% of measured value
Resolution 10 ppm
Response time < 250 ms (from 0 to 5% CO2)

Measured parameters
VO2 [ml/min]
VCO2 [ml/min]
Ventilation (VE) [L/min]
Tidal Volume (VT) [L]
Breathing Frequency (BF) [bpm]
FeO2 [%]
FeCO2 [%]
FetO2 [%]
FetCO2 [%]

Cardio-metabolic analysis
As any medical grade cardio-metabolic analyzer, PNOE measures a person’s oxygen consumption (VO2), carbon dioxide production (VCO2) and ventilation (VE) during resting and exercise conditions. The combination of these metrics provides unique insights into our body’s physiology including the amount of energy it expends, the type of fuel it utilizes (e.g. fats or carbohydrates) the level of muscle fatigue etc. Today, cardio-metabolic analysis (AKA VO2max, metabolic testing, Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing, ergospirometry) is being used in the competitive fitness industry to assess the following:

Physical exercise intensity
Fuel utilization and caloric expenditure
Fitness level and progress
Optimal training zones depending of goal
Moreover, in the medical and weight loss industry cardio-metabolic testing is used for the following:

Cardiovascular & pulmonary disease (CVDP) detection
Predicting myoskeletal problems (i.e. lower back pain)
Diet prescription and “weight loss plateau”* detection
Workout prescription for patients and individuals recovering from injuries or operations
Health-risk stratification for healthy individuals
Predicting healthcare expenses & longevity

*State at which decreased metabolic state prevents weight loss despite restriction in caloric intake


Our body’s physiological response can change dramatically in response to factors such as environmental conditions and type of physical exercise (i.e. cardio vs. resistance training). Consequently, results and guidelines generated by a standardized VO2max test conducted in the lab cannot be accurately applied in outdoor settings or when the type of workout differs substantially from the exercise stimulus used when performing the test (i.e. biking or treadmill running). The reason is because the VO2 – Heart Rate relationship established through a lab based VO2max test is dependent on conditions such as temperature, humidity, wind resistance, as well as the type of physical exercise. Consequently, the VO2 – Heart Rate relationship established during a lab based VO2max test can change dramatically under real life conditions and guidelines, such as training zones, can become misleading.

In the case of endurance athletes, training zones and other proceedings generated from a lab-based VO2max test (e.g. optimal pace, timing to consume gels) conducted in the lab cannot be accurately used during the race since humidity, temperature, and windspeed conditions will almost certainly differ from those in the lab. In the case of CrossFit, MMA, or basketball athletes, the proceedings of a lab-based VO2max test provide almost no guidance to their trainings since the type of muscle stimulus during their sports is fundamentally different from that experienced in the lab.

PNOE is the portable, affordable and scientifically validated cardio-metabolic analyzer which requires no special skills to use. Operated through the PNOE mobile application and monitored through the PNOE cloud it allows you to measure anyone, everywhere at all times and most importantly, without the time burden of analyzing the data.

No Need for Specialized Skills
Interpreting cardio-metabolic data to develop a diet or workout program or assess a person’s cardiovascular and pulmonary health can be time consuming and requires specialized knowledge. That is why PNOE offers on demand data analysis services vetted by our team of experts. Conduct any type of test and have our team analyze the results for you.

Free Education
In PNOE we believe that cardio-metabolic analysis is the health checkup of the future and we want you to discover it. That is why we have developed the first and only educational program on cardio-metabolic analysis provided free of charge to all of our users with the PNOE device. Our program will educate you on the importance of cardio-metabolic analysis and how it can be applied in your practice.

Medical Grade Accuracy
The accuracy of the PNOE device has been validated against medical gold standards in cardio-metabolic analysis. Check out our validation studies here.

The PNOE device is the lightest and most durable cardio-metabolic analyzer on the market. With a total weight of less than 400 grams (0.88 pounds) secured in a specialized vest for increased mobility, the PNOE device feels as if it’s not there. Check out on Instagram @pnoe_analytics all the awesome testing our users have done with it.

Cloud Connected
The PNOE device transmits real time breath-by-breath information to the PNOE mobile application and the PNOE cloud allowing you to monitor the evolution of a test real time from your mobile phone, computer or tablet from anywhere around the world.

Breath–by–Breath technology
PNOE conducts breath-by-breath analysis, the most advanced method in cardio-metabolic assessment. The breath-by-breath method calculates all cardio-metabolic parameters in every breath cycle thus allowing you to monitor even the slightest changes in a person’s physiology and map out his entire cardio-metabolic

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