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SpineMED® Express System: The SpineMED® System provides the patient with the most clinically efficient decompression session available.

  • Patented Pelvic Restraints secures patient’s pelvis to moveable section of the table
  • Patented Pelvic Tilt adjusts to target specific lumbar pathology
  • Patient Safety Switch
    puts patient in control of the session
  • Cervical Tilt adjusts to target specific spinal segments
  • Cervical Restraints comfortably secure patient for distraction
  • Cervical Unit decompresses injured cervical discs
  • Upper Restraint anchors patient’s torso to stationary portion of the table
  • Drive Mechanism high speed electric actuator—replaces old style traction box
  • Knee Bolster increase patient comfort
  • Internet Connectivity allows for remote updates and system checks
  • Casters allow easy mobility 
  • Dimensions: 77” (196 cm) Long x 32 ¼” (82 cm) wide x 25” (63.5 cm) high (length includes cervical unit)
  • Total length required for proper lumbar/cervical operation is 88” (224 cm)
  • Weight: 435 lbs. (197 Kgs) (cervical attached)
  • Power: 110-120/220-240 Volts AC; 10 Amps @120VAC or 8 Amps @240VAC

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