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This unique device contributes to the reduction of pain, muscle stimulation, boost in cell metabolism, hematoma and effusion resorption and congestive on tissues. It contains abundant clinic protocols that help you enter the correct treatment very fast. And its touch screen provides an extremely easy operation for the user to set any parameters. StimRehab2 can be expanded with the vacuum module, battery module and 2 channels of electrotherapy, and it is portable and delicate thanks to the innovative design

  • 2 independent electrotherapy channels
  • Pulsed & continuous modes
  • High voltage and micro current therapy
  • Constant current and constant voltage modes
  • One-touch operation for treatment
  • Control knob with light indicator
  • Tabletop or optional cart/trolley configuration
  • Excellent experience and effect of treatment
  • A complete range of clinical waveforms
  • Full range of therapy programs
  • Over 80 customer programs
  • All treatment modes are settable
  • Patient initiative interrupt switch
  • Elite design for easy carry
  • Exquisite workmanship
  • Light and high quality
  • Smart touch screen
  • 5» LCD screen with high speed response
  • Displays in sharp, vivid detail
  • 2 year warranty (Main unit)

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