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Here it is — the innovative pain treatment that millions of patients have been waiting for: IVT. Strong and inexpensive to decongest post-operative or post-traumatic swelling conditions (e.g. lymphedema after breast ablation). Perfect and easy to put on, it accelerates regeneration and rehabilitation (post-operative and post-traumatic). Surprisingly quickly and effective in the treatment of chronic pain such as RSI* or CRPS**.

The principle is like the Vacumed®: Rhythmic vascular and capillary dilatation and compression. This physically increases blood circulation, venous reflux and the removal of lymph and lymphatic loads. Fully automatic. At the same time, the intermittent pressure and vacuum waves cause vascular training, thereby provoking the formation of new collaterals (capillarization).

• RSI syndrome (repetitive strain injury syndrome)
• CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome)
• CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome), stage I + II
• Epicondylitis
• Post-traumatic / post-operative swelling conditions
• Accelerated wound healing
• Edema therapy (e.g. after breast ablation)

Physical therapy facilities
Vascular medicine / vascular surgery practices
Diabetes centers
Wound care centers
Leg clinics
Rehabilitation facilities
Sports medicine
Industrial medicine

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