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Fit and healthy faster with the innovative  rehabilitation booster  Intermittent Vacum Therapy (IVT)

Ideal for world class athletes and sports clubs

Tissue cannot be subjected to manual or mechanical compression treatments in the initial stage after a trauma.

The arterial, venous and lymphatic vessel systems are affected for days; circulatory disorders and lymph drainage problems in the injured tissue can continue to exist for months or years.

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VACUSPORT A treatment takes between 30 and 40 minutes depending on the indications and is always perceived as pleasant by the patient. Depending on the indication eight to 16 sessions within a period of three to six weeks are prescribed. Inpatients can be treated daily with IVT.

Automatic pre-set treatment programmes for amongst others the following indications:

  • — post-operative or post-traumatic swelling
  •  — secondary lymphoedemas and combined lymph- / lipoedemas  
  • — passive vascular and walking distance training  
  • — injuries to ligament structures in the lower extremities
  • — torn muscle fibre
  • — distorsions
  • — plegie — rehabilitation boosting after endoprosthetics
  • — regeneration boosting and injury prevention in competitive sport 

VACUSPORT System with the patented VACUSPORT® device is used in the fields of orthopedics, traumatology and sports medicine.

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