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Water supply station Ekopompa

Ekopompa — a water supply station operating in a closed cycle for use with universal Aquavibron massaging device manufactured by MEDIMARK company.

The station makes it possible to conduct treatment procedures in a proecological manner with water circulating in a closed water circulation system producing vibrations in the membrane of the Aquavibron device. Water pressure is maintained by the pump supplied from the 230 VAC/50 Hz mains. Ekopompa uses distilled water stored in a built-in 10 litre tank. Air flow forced by a fan ensures maintaining proper water temperature in the device.

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  • closed water cycle makes the massage independent from the water supply and sewage disposal system
  • an environmentally-friendly device: low water consumption, no sewage
  • protection against electric shock with a differential current switch
  • adjustable massage force allows the therapist to set a gentle massaging intensity for more sensitive areas
  • 2 feet + 2 casters (without brakes)
  • third optional caster
  • small dimensions
  • easy operation and functionality
  • easily connected to the original Aquavibron device manufactured by MEDIMARK without conversions or modifications hindering its functionality
  • suitable for use in sanitariums, SPA centers and private surgeries
  •  Capacity (minimum): 160 L
  • Volume up to overflow: 240 L
  • Filling / drainage: about 4 min
  •  Power consumption: 10 A
  •  Supply voltage: 400 V / 50 Hz
  •  Dimensions: 2400 mm x 1150 mm x 850 mm
  •   Weight: 220 kg
  •  Class of protection: I, B
  • ZONES 9: 9 independent zones, 5 standard programs, 3 user programs
  • CHROMO 2R: chromotherapy: 2 lamps
  • CHROMO 4R: chromotherapy: 4 lamps
  • CHROMO 12: chromotherapy: 12 single light sources
  • CHROMO 24: chromotherapy: 24 single light sources
  • CHROMO 36: chromotherapy: 36 single light sources
  • AUDIO: sound input from an external device such as Hi-Fi, mp3 etc, mini jack or bluetooth connection
  • AROMA: scent container, dosage during treatment by pressing a button

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