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UE-Stimu Combo CT1022

  • Combination therapy of ultrasound and electrotherapy
  • Ultrasound: 1 and 3 MHz frequencies are available
  • Two independent electrotherapy channels
  • Five clinical waveforms: Interferential, Pre modulated, TENS/EMS and Russian
  • The most complete selection of treatment parameters available
  • Multiple therapies at a single location
  • Connection to the vacuum unit (VA-Stim Pro VA1021)
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The Basic Parameters

Waveform IFC-4P, IFC-2P, TENS, EMS and Russian
Pulse Width 30-400 microseconds
Pulse rate Carrier frequency  for IFC: 2 KHz~10 KHz,

Beat frequency for IFC: 1Hz~200Hz

Carrier frequency for Russian: 2.5 KHz,

Beat frequency for Russian: 20Hz~100Hz

For TENS and EMS mode: 0Hz~250Hz

Intensity Max 3W/cm2 (pulse) for ultrasound, 0-50mA for IF

(1KΩ), 0-100mA for LF (1KΩ)

Working Time Max 60 minutes for IF, Max 30 minutes for ultrasound and combo
ERA 1cm2 or 5cm2
Power supply 100V-240V,47Hz-63Hz,45W
Dimension 250x185x82mm (LxWxH)
Adapter output 15V, 3.0A max


Standard Accessories

ACC050B001 Adapter 100-240V 47-63Hz
ACC010B301 Power cable
CT1022B100 User manual
ACC020C001 Self adhesive electrodes 50x100mm(8x)
ACC020C000 Self adhesive electrodes 50x50mm(8x)
ACC020C100 Rubber electrodes 60x90mm(4x)
ACC020C101 Rubber electrodes 70x110mm(4x)
ACC020C400 Envelope sponges 70x100mm(4x)
ACC020C401 Envelope sponges 80x120mm(4x)
ACC010C000 Stim lead wires(4x)
ACC020C300 Straps 75x1200mm(2x)
ACC020C301 Straps 75x600mm(2x)
ACC010C006 Combo lead wire
AC4013.200 Ultrasound head 5cm2


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