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Tüm Vücut Balneolojik Küveti Balmed I — eco

A modern medical bathtub specially designed for CO2 , brine or balneology baths. Ergonomically shaped basin made of high quality acrylic resistant to temperature and chemicals.

Balneological bath tub with reduced capacity: 140 — 240 L reducing the treatment cost, water supply: warm and cold, warm water shower and optional 3 types of media: water saturated with CO 2 / warm saline water / cold saline water.

Standard colours of the basin:  white, calypso green

  • bath tub of capacity 140 — 240 liters
  • side covers made of acrylic reinforced with polyester laminate
  • water system (excluding connectors) made of plastic
  • water supply: warm and cold
  • warm water shower
  • 3 types of media: water saturated with CO2 , warm and cold brine
  •  Capacity (minimum): 140 — 240 L
  • Filling time: 3 min
  • Draining time: 5 min
  • No of filling nozzles: 2
  •  Power supply (with AIR 64, CHROMO or AUDIO option): 230 V / 50 Hz
  •  Dimensions: 1950 mm x 750 mm x 450 mm
  • AIR 64: 64 aeration nozzles to air bubble massage, air heating system, independent air pump
  • CHROMO 12: chromotherapy: 12 single light sources
  • CHROMO 24: chromotherapy: 24 single light sources
  • FOOTREST: giving people of lower height the opportunity to support the foot

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